Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dear Mr. President

In reaction to both the March 3rd Class, as well as Duncombe, I almost immediately thought of P!nk’s song “Dear Mr. President”. When celebrity culture needs to step in to comment on the ridiculousness of specifically the state of the United States, I think there is something wrong. In a democratic society, the people have the power, or it should be, but no one utilizes the authority. Apathy is definitely not uncommon for politics, and even more so in the young adult age ranges. With someone with the clout of Pink (who is widely respected), draws the attention of so many people and youths. The first time I heard this song, I was really impressed at the maturity of the commentary. Not only does Pink criticize the politics of Mr. Bush, she calls him on his personal life as well. This song may not be listened to by everyone, but at least she is reaching out and trying to keep people aware and informed about their own country. The allure of the celebrity which Duncombe speaks of in “Dream: Re-Imagining progressive politics in an age of fantasy” is perfect for this. Getting a famous person such as Pink who feels strongly, like the Dixie Chicks about this issue, more people will be willing to follow along. This sounds very bad to start off with, but maybe the drones working for the queen, will be empowered and want to make an actual difference and end up doing a lot more. There is no harm having people exposed to issues, let the public get involved and maybe the democracy of the time will finally support its own definition.

Duncombe, Stephen. Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an age of fantasy. New York: The New Press, 2007.

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